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window sticker printing software for Windows

Print your own vehicle window stickers with our automotive window sticker printing software for Windows!

Do it yourself with DeskLot window stickers printing software and save money each month! With DeskLot, you can print your own vehicle window sales stickers, buyers guides, take-one flyers, and much more.

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DeskLot Software Features

  • Print Window Stickers and Buyers Guides from The Vehicle Inventory List ScreenPrint on 8.5" x 11" pre-printed window sticker forms, blank forms, or standard paper.
  • Create your own designs or use one of the included sticker designs. With DeskLot, you use the Sticker Configuration screen to make your stickers exactly how you want them.
  • Not only can you print vehicle sales stickers, you can print buyers guides and flyers that you can put on your vehicles for after hours shoppers to take home with them.
  • Make unlimited number of sticker configurations.
  • Manage multiple dealerships with our Enterprise Edition version.
  • Manage all your vehicle inventory data within DeskLot. If you have a WalkTheLot Internet inventory account, you can even manage, publish and download your inventory from within DeskLot. 
  • Don't have an Internet inventory account with any other service or are on a limited budget? - let DeskLot use your customized HTML inventory template files to publish your inventory to your web site.
  • Powerful export screens to export your vehicle data for importing into other programs and services.
  • Works with WalkTheLot inventory accounts or without.
  • Supports both US and UK pricing.
  • Perfect for dealerships looking to cut cost by eliminating one of those outside companies, or for anyone wanting to start their own window sticker printing business.
  • Download a copy today for FREE and try it out for 30 days or 50 uses. Once you decide to purchase, click the register button and get started saving a ton of cash today.

Click Here to Download DeskLot Vehicle Window Sticker Printing Software

Versions and Pricing

DeskLot is sold on a per-machine basis. Once registered, DeskLot will only function on the machine it was registered from. To run DeskLot on more than one machine, you must register and pay for another copy. Discounts are available for multiple copy purchases.

WalkTheLot Standard WalkTheLot Enterprise
For use with WalkTheLot Internet inventory accounts and allows users to manage one dealership inventory account. For dealerships who do not have a WalkTheLot Internet inventory account and allows users to manage unlimited number of dealership inventory accounts.
$299 USD $599 USD

Actual Screen Snapshots

Manage Unlimited Dealerships with The Enterprise Version Supports both WalkTheLot Inventory Accounts and Standard
Supports Multiple Auto Dealership Accounts (Enterprise Version Only) Add Seperate Auto Dealer Inventory Accounts in the Enterprise Version
Vehicle List Screen Vehicle Edit Screen
Vehicle Inventory List Screen Edit Vehicle Inventory with DeskLots Inventory Management Screens
Supports Photo's Locally or On The Web Easy Locating of Vehicle Photo's
View Photos (Photo's) That Are Both Local or Internet Easy to Use Image Selection
Select Sticker Configuration to Configure/Customize Customize Your Own Stickers, Buyers Guides, and Flyers
Define and Configure Unlimited Number of Window Stickers, Buyers Guides, Take-One Flyers and More Customize Your Window Sticker Configurations to Your Liking
Print Selected Windows Stickers for Selected Vehicles Export Vehicle Data for Importing in Other Programs
vehiclelistprint.gif (27610 bytes) Export Vehicle Data from the Database to an ASCII Delimited Text File For Importing Into Other Software
Publish Inventory HTML Web Pages to Web Server Design Your Own Inventory Design and Let DeskLot Fill In The Data 
Publish Your Vehicle Inventory to Your Web Site. Define a Template for your Web Pages and Let DeskLot Do The Rest Sample of a Basic Inventory Web Page
Design Your Own Vehicle Design and Let DeskLot Fill In The Data Easy Uploading to WalkTheLot Inventory Accounts
Sample of a Basic Inventory Vehicle Record Upload Your Automobile Dealership Inventory to WalkTheLot (WalkTheLot account required)
Easy Downloading From WalkTheLot Inventory Accounts Help Is Always Just an F1 Key Away
Download Your Automobile Dealership Inventory From WalkTheLot (WalkTheLot account required) Help Is Available for the DeskLot Window Sticker Printing Software from Anywhere Within The Program

Click Here to Download DeskLot Vehicle Window Sticker Printing Software


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